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Monday, December 19, 2016

Ringa Raggedy #1 - Robb Comics

Ringa was born with a great prophecy hanging over her head. She is to one day gain great power and defeat the Dark Wizard Motrol. Hearing of the prophecy Motrol attacks Ringa's family, killing them. Fortunately, a chambermaid helps Ringa escape the attack. Over the next few years Ringa develops unique abilities, such as super strength and speed, but is often bullied at school due to this uniqueness. A freak is what she is called. Meanwhile, realizing Ringa has survived all these years Motrol begins a worldwide search for her. The day eventually comes when Ringa has to put her feelings aside and save the school bully from Motrol's wrath. With a bully turned friend by her side, Ringa now faces her destiny. Defeating Motrol is her ultimate goal!

Comic Book: 36 pages

Publisher: Robb Entertainment Corporation/Robb Publishing (2014)

Language: English

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


ROBB ENTERTAINMENT is a Media and Entertainment Company that was established in 2008, by Romane Orlando Robb.

Our primary areas of business include; motion pictures, television, music, video games, talent management, comics, animation, publishing, events exhibition, and e-commerce.

Our #1 goal is to be a global brand in the media and entertainment sector. We want our audience/customers to feel confident
when they’re about to view one of our motion pictures, television programs, events, etc, knowing they’re going to enjoy the experience.

We love our audience/customers, and a top priority is to always be where they are…..worldwide. We partner with leading companies to make sure our content is accessible on a global scale. The technology is already there, so why not use it?