New York Office:
PO BOX 223
Manhattan, NY, 10010

Q). What is Robb Entertainment?

A). We're a New York based multi-media and entertainment company that specializes in the production, marketing, and distribution of short and long form entertainment, across multiple platforms. We also have operations in talent management; publishing; music; events; advertising. The company was established in 2008 by Romane Orlando Robb, and is owned by SimpleRobb, Inc. - A Robb Corporation Company. For more information please visit us at

Download our super awesome presentation: HERE


Q). You guys have my screenplay/treatment/pitch/etc. When can I hear back from you guys?

A). If we like your project and want to option or buy it, we'll give you a 24 hour window with a deal. After that we'll most likely void the deal.

Q). What is the One Sheet Pitch (OSP)?

A). The OSP is one sheet that displays the title, synopsis, and attachments (writer, director, actor, producer, production company, etc.) in regards to a project that is being pitched. As the title suggest; the OSP should NEVER EVER exceeds one page. Here is an example of an OSP.

Q). How can I submit my manuscript to Robb Publishing?

A). You can email and/or mail it.

Q). What are you guys working on?

A). Due to the fact that we get that question (and similar questions) a lot, we’ve decided it's best, and also super convenient, if you would use our website ( for updates and other information in regards to what we’re working on. Also, like us on Facebook (, and follow us on Twitter ( if you’re really interested in what we’re up to. Stay creative!

Q). Is Robb Entertainment publicly traded?

A). Nope! We're a privately owned subsidiary of SIMPLEROBB, INC.

Q). Do you guys accept screenplays/treatments/pitches/etc?

A). Yes! But it is very (very) important that you read and sign our submission release form and attach it with any materials you submit to us. Here is our SUBMISSION MATERIAL RELEASE FORM.

Q). I'm interested in working for Robb Entertainment. Where do I send my resume?

A). Email it to If you're awesome, we'll get back to you.

Q). I'm a commercial/music video director. How do I get signed to SuperBear Entertainment (

A). Email your reel. If you're awesome, we'll get back to you.

Q). I'm an actor/actress and I'd like to be in one of your projects. Where do I send my resume/headshot?

A). Email it to If we like what we see, you'll hear from us.

Q). Do you guys hire directors?

A). Yep! Duh! Got a reel? Send it over!

Q). Can I hang out with you guys?

A). We're workaholics so "hanging out" is not possible.

Q). I'm a writer/director/actor/actress/company/model/etc looking for management; how can I get Robb Entertainment Talent Management (RETM) to be my manager?

A). Email RETM -
Q). Do you guys have any advice for aspiring filmmakers?

A). "Surround yourself with people who are talented, ambitious, and dedicated. Ignore everyone else!" - Romane Orlando Robb

"When no one believes in you, believe in yourself some more." - Romane Orlando Robb

"The easiest job in the world is being a critic. Ignore critics and keep producing content. Eventually, they'll get the hint." - Romane Orlando Robb

Q). I've just made the greatest film ever! Can you guys distribute it?

A). Maybe! Contact Robb Studios here.

Q). How many divisions do you guys have?

A). Download a copy of the list here.
Q). I'm with the press. Where can I get more information about Robb Entertainment?

A). You can download our press sheet here.
Q). Can you guys give me free stuff?

A). We occasionally give away stuff to our Facebook fans so "like" our page to participate in our contests.
Q). Who's on the Robb Entertainment team?

A). Only the very best. Meet the awesome team HERE.
Q). Can you guys finance/produce my film?

A). Nope! We have a slate of projects that we're constantly working on so we can't take on your project. You can check out our stats here.

Q). How do I/we get signed to Robb Music Group (RMG)?

A). We mostly look for three things: 1). A unique personality. 2). Superb music. 3). Stage presence.

Q). How do I send you my music demo?

A). Email us your songs, or mail them to us.
Q). Can I promote you guys?

A). Of course! How can we say no to that? Banners, flyers, posters, etc. Go for it!

Q). Can I interview you guys?

A). Email the questions.

Q). How can I contact you guys?

A). Our company mailbox is HERE.