Thursday, September 18, 2014

RETM SIGNING: Audra Marie Wheeler

Audra Marie Wheeler is an earnest, New England writer, with a huge passion for film and television. Born and raised in the capital city of New Hampshire, Wheeler grew an interest in acting out TV shows at a young age, improvising skits at the dinner table to entertain her two older siblings and parents. As a teen, Wheeler took up activities such as Thai Kick-Boxing, volunteering as a one-on-one youth mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and documenting her adolescent experiences in a journal. In this time, Wheeler’s enthusiasm for picking apart movies and TV shows perpetuated her affection for her own creations, and she began video-recording adventures with her friends.

Known for what she calls, "head dumps" – producing wholesome work within days of fleshing out a new idea, Wheeler otherwise spends her free-time: painting, reading graphic novels and Jodi Picoult books, and exercising her tubby, 16-pound-tuxedo-styled cat, Nathaniel. Nathaniel, better known as “Mister Muffin Man”, inspired Wheeler to write him as the hero in a children’s animation short script, “Tux”, the adventures of a lazy tuxedo cat who must save his girlfriend from the evil cat group, Alley Cat Strike.

Although Wheeler enjoys poking fun at cultural norms and pushing boundaries in her works, her quit-witted personality and knack for light-hearted comedy has given her the multi-dimensional ability to write for adults and children alike. She enjoys exploring genres such as romantic comedies, dramedies, and action features. Wheeler looks forward to writing in mediums such as comics and children’s books in her bright journey ahead.

"Audra's main talent lies within the captivating characters and stories she continues to create. Her diversity in genre from animation to drama to comedy is a gift unto itself. Her work ethic is also something of an amazement and for that we at Robb Entertainment Talent Management (RETM) are honored to be representing her." - Romane Orlando Robb (Chairman/CEO)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Brian Dhaniram joins "Life As Jessica" as Writer/Executive Producer

Brian “The Stoned Raj” Dhaniram is a writer first, with roots in poetry and short fiction. He graduated from SUNY Binghamton in two years with a couple of degrees, though his main focus was honing his craft as a writer. At Binghamton he ran a literary magazine and hosted writing workshops. After graduating in December 2013, Brian co-founded Stoned Raj Productions with two insanely funny people. One of their first films, “Couteau”, screened at Iron Mule Film Festival. Fun fact about that film title: it means knife in french. Another fun fact: no one from Stoned Raj Productions knew how to pronounce the title until someone at Iron Mule told them.

Brian's ambition to create films has expanded his knowledge into directing and producing. His aspirations are vague and still not very well-understood, but they involve sustenance through art and something beautiful. His appreciation for every kind of story has motivated his desire to write without genres. He's got a love-hate relationship with profound triviality of art. He tries not to take himself too seriously, but finds it increasingly difficult whilst talking in third person.

Life As Jessia stars Mischa Ipp as Jessica Alexis Morientino who is an aspiring writer or dancer or veterinarian or singer or pick one of her countless aspirations already. Let's try this again. Jessica is...Jessica. She's in the midst of finding herself but is currently lost or as she likes to call it: taking a long overdue break. When she's not plotting her next aspiration she's spacing out.

Brian joins Romane Orlando Robb (Creator/Executive Producer) and Michael Neil Morris (Associate Producer).

Life As Jessica is produced by Robb Entertainment Television (RETV).